Board of Directors


Each Board of County Commissioners establishes the primary council by the appointment of 2 general members and 1 executive board member to represent their County EMST system on the SECRETAC Council. The Executive Board is comprised of a Chairman, Vice- Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Two-At-Large members that are nominated from the appointed executive members and elected by the vote of the full council. The Executive Board operates under “Robert Rules of Order”.  This provides an organized structure in meetings, leadership, and direction for all operational aspects of the SECRETAC Council and Mission.  The Board also provides direction, supervision, and guidance to the SECRETAC Coordinator to manage day-to-day operation for the Council. The General Council – (Voting Members) is comprised of the two members appointed by their respected County Commissioner Group and the Executive Board for a total of 18 members of the council.

These members provide representation from their respective counties as an extension of their county commissioner groups.  They also identified as the Key EMST resource representative for all agencies within their county and the communication link for information from State, Regional, and Local agencies. The Full Council continues to facilitate the solicitation for General (Non-Voting) Membership from EMST agencies including, but not limited to, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, Public Health, Hospital/Facilities, OEM Managers, and the General Public.